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Learn About Glass ARt

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Fused Glass PANEL

Artists working in glass use a variety of techniques to shape, manipulate, and enhance the material, resulting in a wide range of beautiful and intricate creations. Glass art can take many forms, including but not limited to: Fused, Stained, and Mosaic Glass Art.

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Fused Glass 

Fused Glass art is created using fusible glass to create suncatchers, bowls, wall art, or jewelry.  Fused glass is also known as "warm glass" because the project is fired in a kiln up to 1400 degrees,  melting the glass together. These projects can typically be completed in one 2-hour session.  We will fuse and slump your art for pickup later.  Some projects may require glass cutting.  Book a class



Stained Glass

Stained Glass art is created by using a pattern and tracing it onto art glass, cutting the glass, and grinding the edges for foiling.  Once the pieces are foiled, they are soldered together with a hot iron.  The project is completed by adding a patina and polishing.  The projects typically require  2 sessions (around 4 hours) to complete the lesson.



Mosaic Glass

Mosaic Glass art is created by cutting or breaking art glass,  gluing to a pattern that is placed on a frame or other base.  The next steps are grouting the project, drying, and polishing. These projects are typically 2-hour classes and require 2 sessions to complete the lesson.

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Glass flameworking, or lampworking or torchworking, is a technique of manipulating and shaping glass using a specialized torch. This method has been used for centuries to create intricate glass objects, beads, sculptures, and more. 

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